Young Giant

For the bands we were fans and friends of first.

Young Giant is a vertically integrated music services company; we're part agency, part label, part management firm, and part promoter.  We're consultants.  We're creators.  We're integrative marketers. We handle brand creative, marketing (digital, social, and mobile), and external business development in-house or in company with our remarkable friends across the world.  Our goal?  To be able to meet the challenges of a shifting industry on behalf of our clients through the creation of unique, shareable content and ingenuity. 



In building this collective, we've said no to hundred page record deals; to the idea of venture backing; and to burning our artists on their royalties.  In turn we've said yes to a partnership between our roster and the Young Giant team.  We've said yes to creative control for our artists; yes to flexibility and freedom; yes to ownership.  We stand our ground for our artists in refusing our so-called right to what the music industry has believed for decades is theirs for the taking.  We're confident that belief in our artists, both in their music but more importantly in who each is as a person, is what matters most.  In doing so we've attracted a carefully curated dream team.  We're thrilled you're here.

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